Make a donation

Your tax-deductible donation will make it possible for more girls to enroll in our confidence-building program.

$25 - Sponsors a Running Buddy from one of our scholarship team communities.

$45 - Buys one pair of running shoes for one girl.

$50 - Funds a community impact project for one team.

$100 - Provides curriculum and program supplies at one site.

$200 - Helps provide running shoes for half of a team.

$300 - Sponsors one girl in the program for one season.

$500 - Provide medals at the finish line for 425 girls.

$1,000 - Trains 50 volunteer coaches.

$5,000 - Sponsors a team of 16 girls for one season.

Does your company match charitable donations? You may be able to double or triple your donation’s impact! List of companies that match employee donations. Please check with your employer about company match programs after making your donation.