Running Buddy

Being a Running Buddy means registering for our 5K, but with an extra-special twist: you get to be the personal cheerleader for a girl from our program who is completing her very FIRST 5K race!

Running Buddies are adult women or men over the age of 16 who are paired with a girl in the final weeks of her training with our after-school program. These adults meet meet their buddy girl a total of two times: once at practice, and again at the culminating Girls on the Run 5K. As a Running Buddy, you have the opportunity to positively encourage, pace and mentor your girl through the 5K event.

 Register as a Running Buddy here!

Is this role right for me?

A successful Running Buddy is someone who:

  • Has the ability to run/walk/skip a 5K at whatever pace the girl sets
  • Can motivate & support the girl to "keep moving forward" without pushing TOO hard.
  • Is fun-loving, patient, and supportive with not only their girl, but ALL of the other girls and adults participating!

A Running Buddy should NOT be someone who:

  • Is trying to set their "PR" (personal record)
  • Gets frustrated easily
  • Is concerned about being able to complete the distance at their girl's pace.

All Running Buddies Must:

  • Be able to make the TWO time commitments: 
    • Practice 5K - an hour and a half on one weekday afternoon
    • Girls on the Run 5K - about 3 hours on a weekend morning (Sunday, May 6th)
  • Be at least 16 years old by the April 13th registration deadline. 
  • Pay the $45 race registration fee.
  • If you are not known to the girl's family, you will be asked to complete a very basic online background check. Instructions will be emailed to you upon registration.
  • Familiarize yourself with our 5K safety plan, which will be emailed out a week prior to the event. A critical part of your role in addition to FUN is to ensure the SAFETY of each participant.

Full Background Check Policy: 

Community members must be background-checked in order to participate as Running Buddies. You are not fully registered (even if you have paid) until you complete the background check - instructions will be sent in a separate email. You are exempt from background checks if you are a legal guardian or parent of participants or are assigned by a parent or legal guardian. Parental-assigned Running Buddies are not required to conduct a background check for Girls on the Run 5K events. 

Running Buddy Alternates:  

If you cannot attend a pre-race Running Buddy practice at the program site, you will be paired with and meet your Running Buddy girl when you check in on race day morning. Please do your very best to make it to a practice, as it can be scary for girls to meet a new person for the first time on the big day of the event! Plus it's a lot more fun for both of you to meet once in advance :)


Your involvement at the Girls on the Run 5k greatly benefits the hundreds of girls that we serve.