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Beyond the Miles: A Community Like No Other

When I joined the track team freshman year of high school, I didn’t know the moment I stepped into practice would change the trajectory of my life forever. Not only was I enthralled by the challenge, incredible discipline, consistency, and deep intrinsic motivation the sport required, but also the community I was instantly surrounded by. 

Before joining the team, I always thought of running as an individual sport, but I couldn’t be further from the truth. As one of the younger athletes on the team, I was immediately taken under the wing of the upperclassmen. I had never experienced such an uplifting environment in any other area of my life. 

As I became more familiar with the sport and fell in love with running, I was determined to set an example and become a mentor for my younger teammates the same way the upperclassmen did for me my first year. I became the captain of both the cross country and track teams during my junior and senior years at Miramonte High School. I saw so much potential in each athlete to take away as much from the sport as I did, and it was my goal to build camaraderie and guide their development. 

Running brought me to some of my brightest moments, such as crossing the finish line on the track and breaking a 38-year-old school record in the 3200 meters, which was set the same year my Dad graduated from Miramonte. It also brought me to some of my lowest moments, including recovering from heartbreaking injury after injury which I learned to endure and recover from with the same mental and emotional skills I applied to my regular training. 

Running has led me to the closest relationships in my life and gain essential skills beyond just the track, such as work ethic, perseverance through difficulties, and a deep appreciation for my body and mind. 

And running led me to where I am today, competing at the Division I level as a cross country and track athlete at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Even though I only joined Girls on the Run of the Bay Area at the beginning of 2022 as a Business and Operations Intern, and did not have the same experience in the program as a youth, I am incredibly passionate about the organization and providing this same invaluable experience with running to other girls as I had myself.

Being a part of Girls On the Run allows me to combine my excitement for running as well as my career interests in business management, communications, and operations. This past spring, I specifically focused on community outreach and fundraising for a successful Spring Celebration and Auction. I cannot wait for what’s in store for Girls on the Run in the future!


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