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Emily Zada and Susan Hill

Emily Zada and Susan Hill

Elevating Success: Susan Hill's Coaching Journey

I became aware of Girls on the Run when I was looking for a volunteer opportunity.  My first volunteer effort was as a running buddy for their end of season 5K.  I was in awe of seeing so many girls, their excitement at the beginning of the run and exhilarated exhaustion at the end.  I came back to GOTR after being re-introduced to it at a weekly run at Forward Motion in Danville.  Jennifer Fish, Board Member, announced coaching opportunities to the weekly run group.  I listened intently and promptly approached her to sign up.

Four seasons later, my enthusiasm for this program continues to grow.  I have seen remarkable personal growth in the girls ranging from personal expression, leadership and internal strength.   For example, one season one of our girls started off rather quiet; towards the end of the season, she was actively participating, offering ideas and prompting the coaches (respectfully and with good intent).  At my first season, I didn’t know if we would see any girls repeating the program.  From my 2nd to 4th season, we have had some girls return.  With their second and third seasons, I have seen the girls step up in volunteering and helping other girls in the practices.  Lastly, I continue to marvel with each season when I ask the girls how they feel about running a 5K.  At the beginning of the season, those who haven’t run one express trepidation.  Their confidence and ability continue to grow each practice.  By the celebratory 5K, the strength and confidence shines in their faces. 

In my experience with Girls on the Run, I have found it to be a phenomenal program for girls.  The girls have a space to explore personal expression, form friendships and test their own fortitude.  I have said often, “I wish I had had a program like this when I was their age”. - Susan Hill, San Ramon Coach


Susan's decision to return coaching year after year is a testament to the transformative power of coaching and the deep connections forged within our community. We truly appreciate Susan and all of our coaches support and thank you!



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