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Cate Peters

Cate Peters

Why Everyone Should Sign Up To Be A Running Buddy

Our 5K is fast approaching, and you have a unique opportunity to be a part of this experience by
signing up to be a running buddy for one of the amazing girls in our program! I reached out to
Susan Hill, a GOTR coach currently at Memorial Park in San Ramon, and she agreed to share
her running buddy experience with us:

Cate: Why did you decide to become a running buddy?

Susan: While working at UPS, I was introduced to Girls on the Run. GOTR offered a volunteer
opportunity as a running buddy. I read about the program, was running at the time, and
determined it was a great way to give back to the community.

Cate: What was your experience like?

Susan: I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the girls and running with them in Golden Gate
Park. I was amazed with the determination of so many young people to run that day.

Cate: What advice would you give for people who may be hesitant to sign up?

Susan: My advice is simple, sign up! It is not a race, but a run. Regardless of your running
ability, the girls are wonderful inspiration for all. So much so, when I found out about a coaching
opportunity, I signed up for that too!

Susan said it best – we encourage you to sign up to be a running buddy so every girl can have
someone cheering them on as they make their way to the finish line! Click the link below to


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